Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Granulat 5500ml

An all-in-one superfood that will have your corals thanking you, delivering better growth, higher resilience, brighter colors, greater ease of use with automatic dosers, and minimal over skimming.

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Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Granulat 5500ml

Use SKIM BREEZE to stabilize the pH value in the aquarium.
By reducing the CO2 content, algae growth is significantly reduced and coral growth is increased. Capacity: 1000 ml SKIM BREEZE per
500 litres of aquarium volume (132 US gal) is sufficient for approx. 4 - 6 weeks. Saturation indicator by changing colour from white to dark purple.


Dosing note: Carefully fill SKIM BREEZE granulate into the filter provided (SKIM BREEZE reactor). Connect this to the air intake of the skimmer. Do not inhale dust! Use gloves! Store the container well closed and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

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