Neptune Systems New Generation APEX Wi-Fi Controller

Package Includes (aka What’s in the Box?):

  • 1 x Apex Control Head Unit (optional display sold separately)
  • 1 x Energy Bar 832
  • 1 x 6 ft. Aquabus Cable
  • 1 x Lab Grade Salinity Probe
  • 1 x Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe
  • 1 x Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe
  • 1 x Temperature Probe

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Neptune Systems New Generation APEX Wi-Fi Controller

The Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi Controller combines hardware control and monitoring with Apex Fusion. Apex Fusion is a cloud-based software that communicates with your aquarium hardware through the Apex Controller. Apex Fusion monitors and automatically regulates the most important parameters in your reef tank including pH, ORP, salinity, lighting, pumps and more!

The expandable Apex System can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can control your Apex through a computer, smart phone, tablet, or the sold separately Apex Display Module. Apex carries out the instructions and reports back on the status of your tank.

If the aquarium water is getting too hot, Apex Fusion sends a text message alert. The software tracks and records the pH level and creates a graph illustrating pH changes over time. Apex will even temporarily shut down the water pump while the automatic feeder adds food for fish and corals. The Apex Wi-Fi Controller is a modular system capable of many customizable monitoring and control tasks. Additional modules are simply plugged into the main Apex controller to add more features.

Here are the top features found in the Apex Wi-Fi Controller System:

  • pH/ORP monitoring and logging
  • Salinity testing
  • Dissolved oxygen monitoring
  • Automatic water changes
  • Wireless control of select pumps
  • Automatic feeding of dry and liquid foods
  • Wireless control of compatible LED lights
  • Automatic monitoring of the light level under the water
  • Automatic leak detection and alerts
  • Wired and Wi-Fi connections

Here is what we really like about the Apex Wi-Fi Controller System:

  • Prevents catastrophes by continuously monitoring key parameters in your aquarium, takes corrective actions, and alerts you by smart phone when something needs attention.
  • Automatically monitors the safety and operation of the tank’s electrical equipment, ensuring it’s functioning correctly even when you aren’t home – and alerts you in case of malfunction.
  • The software creates a database of test results, tank maintenance, livestock, and aquarium observations so you can correlate aquarium conditions to the things that are happening inside the tank like coral growth and fish health.
  • Uses a simple app to manage the operation of lights, pumps, filters, ATO, and more
  • Plug and play operation
  • Knowing how your aquarium is doing from anywhere in the world provides peace of mind.

Additional Apex Wi-Fi Controller Features & Benefits:

  • Built in reliable 802.11g/n Wi-Fi or wired connections
  • New set-up wizards guide you through configuring everything from temperature control, trouble alerts to your mobile device, and many other common aquarium tasks. You’re up and running in 5 easy steps:
    • Mount Apex to the wall or inside your cabinet
    • Plug in the probes and equipment
    • Connect it to your home network via wi-fi or cable
    • Run the Configuration Wizard, no programming
    • Start monitoring and controlling your aquarium in less than an hour
  • IoTa (Internet of Things, Aquarium) platform works even if the internet is down. Apex has a built-in server and control panel with complete functionality. Why is this important?
    • Imagine there is a power outage and you want your automated aquarium system to take control and keep the fish and corals alive until power is restored. Some aquarium controllers work only through an online cloud service. When the internet is down or slow, the controller won’t work. With the Apex system, your automated aquarium will run without interruption.
  • Energy Bar 832 (EB832) has eight 120V AC outlets plus a 100 watt 24VDC power supply. The power supply runs three 1LINK ports and two 24VDC accessory ports. Each individual outlet has power monitoring and there are individual LED indicators for each outlet. Power consumption is monitored and logged as part of the database features. Power monitoring is also used to detect when electrical hardware, like a water pump or light is malfunctioning.
    • Individual Outlet Monitor LED - Each Energy Bar AC outlet and the two 24VDC accessory ports have their own status LED. This LED tells you when that outlet is energized. It will also blink rapidly if a device is plugged in that exceeds the current capability for that outlet.
    • Alarms and decisions based on power status - Apex sends you notifications when a device is not using power as it should be. An example would be a return pump showing no power consumption when the outlet is on or a skimmer whose power consumption will show differently when its airline is clogged when compared to normal operation. These high and low limits are completed customizable by individual outlet. You can even use this power data to control other devices.
      • 13 - Total power connections for your aquarium devices
      • 8 - 120V AC Outlets all switched with relays rated for millions of cycles
      • 3 - 1LINK 24VDC Smart outlets for devices such as WAV, DOS, etc.
      • 2 - Switchable 24VDC outlets for accessories such as small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.
  • Both the Apex and the Energy Bar 832 have an innovative attachment system that makes it easy to mount them with convenient access to all the connections. The Apex mounts with just two screws. The hinged mount flips up for easy wire connections and flips down, protecting the electronics. The Energy Bar 832 bracket mounts to the wall with just three screws.

The Apex Wi-Fi Controller System includes probes for Temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity. The double-junction pH and ORP probes hold calibration longer and last longer than single-junction probes. Single junction probes put the reference electrode in direct contact with aquarium water. Over time, aquarium water dilutes the electrolyte, reducing the accuracy of the probe and making recalibrations more frequent. Double junction probes place a second vessel inside the main electrolyte with a second internal junction. The means that even when the aquarium water eventually begins to make its way in the first compartment, it still must pass through the second junction to contaminate the electrolyte surrounding the reference electrode.



  • Base Unit - 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W
  • Energy Bar 832 - 10" L x 6.5" H x 2.25" W

Port Specifications:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet Port
  • 12V Power Port
  • 2 AquaBus Ports
  • Temperature Probe Port
  • I/O Switch Input
  • pH Probe Port
  • pH/ORP Probe Port
  • Salinity Probe Port

4 Variable 0-10V channels for LED Dimming or Tunze Pumps

Maximum Number of Modules: 240

Package Includes (aka What’s in the Box?):

  • 1 x Apex Control Head Unit (optional display sold separately)
  • 1 x Energy Bar 832
  • 1 x 6 ft. Aquabus Cable
  • 1 x Lab Grade Salinity Probe
  • 1 x Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe
  • 1 x Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe
  • 1 x Temperature Probe

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