How we care for our fish.

At Aquarium Depot, we take immense pride in providing healthy and vibrant saltwater fish to aquarists of all levels. Our dedication to the wellbeing of our aquatic inhabitants sets us apart, ensuring that every fish you bring home is in optimal health and condition. Here's an insight into our meticulous care process from arrival to adoption:

🌊 Acclimation: The First Step to a New Home

Upon arrival, our fish embark on a critical acclimation process. This is a gentle transition to their new environment in our carefully maintained aquariums, ensuring they adapt with minimal stress.

🔍 Observation and Health Assurance

Post-acclimation, our expert team closely observes each fish, identifying and treating any bacterial infections as a first line of defense. This proactive approach is vital for ensuring the fish's robust health.

🩺 Comprehensive Health Care

After addressing bacterial concerns, we focus on any other potential health issues. We believe in a targeted treatment approach - only administering medication if there are clear signs of illness. This policy avoids unnecessary stress and ensures the healthiest outcome for our fish.

🌡️ Perfectly Balanced Environments

Our aquariums are maintained with a salinity range of 1.018-1.020 SG, ideal for incoming saltwater species. We gradually raise the salinity to 1.025-1.026 SG once the fish are ready for sale.

📅 30 Day Minimum Stay

Every fish in our care enjoys a minimum 30 day stay before becoming eligible for sale. This duration allows ample time for health assessments and acclimatization to aquarium life, ensuring they're ready for their forever homes.

🍲 Guaranteed Well-Fed

We ensure that all our fish are well-fed and exhibit healthy eating habits before they are offered to our customers. This commitment to their nutritional health is a cornerstone of our care philosophy.

🛑 A Responsible Approach to Quarantine

While we ensure each fish is in top condition, we do not label them as 'quarantined.' We strongly advise our customers to continue a quarantine process in their own aquariums, ensuring the health and safety of their existing aquatic community.

🌟 Why Choose Aquarium Depot?

At Aquarium Depot, we're more than just a store - we're dedicated caretakers passionate about the wellbeing of our aquatic friends. Our process ensures that when you choose a fish from us, you're bringing home a healthy, vibrant, and well-adjusted companion.


Visit us today and experience the Aquarium Depot difference: Where every fish is treated with care, respect, and unparalleled expertise.


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