Our Commitment to Quality

At Aquarium Depot, we specialize in providing only the finest quality corals, invertebrates, and marine fish. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every specimen in our collection is in prime condition. We take pride in our selection and guarantee that your order, whether in-store or online, will arrive alive and thriving.

Check out our "How we care of our fish" page to see the level of care the livestock receive at Aquarium Depot.

Shipping Schedule & Practices

  • Weekly Shipping: We ship our livestock on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays each week to ensure timely delivery.
  • No Same-Day Shipping: Orders are not shipped on the same day they are placed. We observe and prepare the livestock for shipping over 2-3 business days, ensuring they are healthy and acclimated to the shipping water.
  • Shipping Partners: Our primary shipping service is FedEx Express. We also utilize Uber, Same Day Couriers, WestJet Cargo, and Air Canada Cargo as needed.

Livestock Guarantee Policy

We understand that sometimes, despite our best efforts, livestock may not arrive alive. In such cases, our Livestock Guarantee Policy for online orders is as follows:

  • Gift Card Compensation: If any specimen arrives deceased, we provide an Aquarium Depot gift card equivalent to the value of the deceased specimen. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Address Accuracy: Ensure your address is correct. Incorrect addresses void our guarantee.
  • Courier Delays: Our guarantee does not cover delays caused by couriers or airlines.
  • Accept Damaged Packages: Please accept even damaged packages. Refusal voids the guarantee.
  • Notification Requirement: Notify us within 2 hours of receipt of any deceased livestock.
  • Acclimation Responsibility: Properly acclimate the livestock to your aquarium within a few hours of receipt.
  • First Attempt Delivery: Ensure availability for the first delivery attempt. Failure to receive the package on the first attempt voids our guarantee.
  • Pickup Timeliness: For WestJet Cargo, Air Canada Cargo, or FedEx pickup orders, collect your shipment within 2 hours of availability. Delays in pickup void the guarantee.

Additional Policies

  • Sales are Final: All livestock sales, both online and in-store, are final.
  • Post-Purchase Responsibility: We cannot guarantee the well-being of any specimen after it leaves our facility, as we have no control over its subsequent care.

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Experience the wonder of the aquatic world at Aquarium Depot. Whether you shop online or visit us in-store, you're guaranteed a selection of the highest quality marine life. We are dedicated to ensuring a successful journey from our tanks to yours.


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