AquaFX Chloramine Blaster Carbon - 1.2 lb

Chloramine Blaster Medical Grade Carbon

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AquaFX Chloramine Blaster Carbon

For the removal or reduction of Chlorine, Ammonia and Chloramine.
1.2 pound Bag, enough to fill 1 chloramine blaster cartridge

A standard carbon block works well to remove chlorine, however, more and more municipalities are adding ammonia to the water treatment processes to stabilize the Chlorine from releasing harmful by-products into the water. As you may know, ammonia is toxic. The AquaFX chloramine blaster carbon is a high grade carbon that has properties that remove chloramine from water supplies.

AquaFX utilizes this carbon due to the high degree of catalytic redox activity and the extremely high surface area which is necessary for chloramine removal. This carbon is acid washed and pH buffered.

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