AquaFX Color Indicating Cation Resin - 1.25 lb

Color Indicating Cation DI Resin from AquaFX. Color changes from Purple to Amber upon exhaustion.

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AquaFX Color Indicating Cation Resin

This DI resin is Cation charged resin, charged with Hydrogen, Using This resin in conjunction with Anion resin and a mixed bed DI resin can yield a complete removal of contaminants such as phosphate, silica, nitrate, sulfate, aluminum, calcium, etc allowing you to achieve 0 TDS water for your aquarium and help eliminate any possible water quality issues.

Product Specs:

Polymer Structure: Styrene/DVB
Polymer Type: Gel
Functional Group: Sulfonic Acid
Physical Form: Spherical Beads
Ionic Form (as shipped): Hydrogen
Total capacity: > 1.8 meq/mL (H Form)
Water Retention: 47 to 56 percent (H Form)
Screen Size Distribution: 16 to 50 (U.S. Mesh)
Maximum Fines Content: 1 percent (less than 50 Mesh)
Minimum Sphericity: 85 percent
Uniformity Coefficient: 1.6 (Approximate)
Resin Color: Purple

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