AquaFX Color Indicating DI Resin - 7.5 lb

Color Indicating Virgin Mixed Bed DI Resin from AquaFX.

  • Virgin Resin
  • Color-Indicating 
  • Made in the USA (Most are not) 
  • 18 Mega Ohm Resistivity 
  • Nuclear Grade
  • Color Change goes from Dark Blue and exhausts to Orange/Rust Red
  • Strong Acid Strong Base Resin

6 x 1.25lb bags

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AquaFX Color Indicating DI Resin

What is Deionization Resin?

AquaFX reverse osmosis (RO) units use the worlds most efficient RO membrane material to achieve a 98.6% rejection of TDS from your incoming tap water, but we can't stop there. The issue is that we need a full 100% removal of TDS for our reef or salt aquariums, the quality of water we produce with our DI resin is actually laboratory grade 18 Megohm. DI resin has been the go-to answer for close to 2 decades here at AquaFX. Our USA manufactured DI resin has been a safe a trusted solution for the reefing community the entire time.

This resin is the Anion charged resin charged with Hydroxide. Using this resin in conjunction with a Cation and a mixed bed DI resin will yield a complete removal of contaminants such as phosphate, silica, nitrate, sulfate, aluminum, calcium, etc allowing you to achieve 0 TDS water for your aquarium and help eliminate any possible water quality issues.

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