Aquatic Life T5HO G3 Hybrid 4-Lamp Light Fixture Black 48 Inch

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Aquatic Life T5HO G3 Hybrid 4-Lamp Light Fixture

Welcome to the future of aquarium lighting!

Combine your favorite LED Light module along with Aquatic Life's T5 lighting fixture to create a stellar lighting system!

Accepts many of your favorite LED lighting modules, including popular models from EcoTech, AI, and Kessil!

  • Includes standard LED Light Brackets
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Individual T5 Reflectors to prevent light spillage
  • Silicone T5 Sockets to protect from moisture & salt creep
  • HEP Ballasts compatible with popular T5 HO lamps (including ATI and Giesemann)
  • Decorative wire-cover endcaps included

*NEW to the G3 Series*

  • Power cords run and exit on the same side of the fixture for better cable management
  • Includes two styles of corner caps to allow for more cord-routing configurations
  • Better compatibility with Peninsula tanks
  • C14 type connectors on power cords
  • Rounded fixture corners and thinner overall profile

Aquatic Life's T5HO Hybrid Lighting Fixture lets you combine your favorite LED light module between two banks of T5 lights. The T5 lights are powered by HEP Ballasts for fast firing and excellent color rendition. Each T5 lamp has its own reflector and is held securely in place by a bulb clip. Aquatic Life has even gone above and beyond by including silicone end caps that make changing bulbs super fast and easy. 

When you combine LED and T5 lighting you can have the best of both worlds. T5 lighting has a proven track record with their full spectrum bulbs and edge to edge coverage, and almost anyone can have success with the right fluorescent lamps. Being in the 21st century everything we own must have some type of control, and that is where T5 fails, but LED shines. LED lights are known for their ability to ramp up and down giving dusk to dawn effects while being able to change colors and spectrums throughout the day as well. LED lights provide great shimmer, and when paired with T5 lights almost creates a realistic look that you would actually find in a shallow reef. 

Pair the Aquatic Life Hybrid fixture with some of the most popular LEDs like Kessil, EcoTech, or Aqua Illumination for a successful combination of T5 and LED lighting. Each hybrid fixture includes standard bracket mounts that can accept some of the larger lights like the EcoTech Radion XR30 and Aqua Illumination Hydra 64 HD, but also some of the smaller modules like the AI Prime HD and EcoTech XR15 lights. With the available optional circular brackets that can be purchased separately, you can also install round lights like the popular Kessil A160, A360, or A360X LED modules.

The G3 series of Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrids has been slightly redesigned to better accommodate more diverse aquarium setups. The power cords are now able to exit the same side of the fixture, and additional endcaps have been included for more seamless Peninsula installations. Power cords also include C14 type connectors, which will allow you to easily switch power outlet plugs, or even extend the length of the cord to better suit your setup needs. The G3 series fixtures remain compatible with all G2 LED brackets and suspension hardware.

Includes mounts for the following models of LED Lights:

  • EcoTech XR30 
  • EcoTech XR15 
  • Aqua Illumination Prime
  • Aqua Illumination Hydra 32
  • Aqua Illumination Hydra 64

Note: Separate LED mounts for Kessil A160, A360 & A360X are available for purchase. 


Dimensions - 49.7"L x 18.25"W (front to back) x 1.57"H
Weight - 15 lbs
Number of Power Cords - 2
Cord Length - 7.9ft

What's Included?

1x 48" T5HO G3 Hybrid Fixture
6x Standard Brackets (for EcoTech and AI)
1x Hanging Kit
1x Decorative Endcap Set

Note: Bulbs and LED Modules Sold Separately

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