Aquatop Forza MaxFlow Slim DC Wavemaker with Controller - 2113 GPH

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Aquatop's DC Wave Maker Pumps are powerful, highly efficient direct current wave making pumps that move and draw water in a unique way. The Prop-Style Impeller and 360° uniform water draw create a wider distribution of flow when compared to traditional powerheads. The Aquatop DC Wave Maker Pumps also include a strong, secure magnet mounting system which allows for flexible placement. Each model runs quietly and efficiently, with 6 wave modes and 20 flow rates for precise control. Two units can be synchronized wirelessly for enhanced water movement and circulation throughout your aquarium. The controller can even detect when the room is dark and automatically enter night mode.

The Aquatop DCSW-2113 DC Wave Maker Pump operates on just 10-watts of DC power to move as much as 2,113-gph. It is best suited to tanks from 30 to 90 gallons.


  • SMART LED CONTROLLER with 6 different wave modes and 20 different flow rate settings
  • FEEDING PAUSE SETTING provides a 10-minute flow pause
  • AUTOMATIC NIGHT MODE detects darkness and slows pump until daylight, if selected
  • SUPER QUIET operation and saves energy compared to AC pumps
  • POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOUNT keeps pumps where you put them
  • LINK 2 PUMPS WIRELESSLY by designating a designated master controller

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