Aquonics Karbon Rack XS Small

A simple and elegant frag rack. The branching interconnections promotes water flow through your growing corals. Holds 7 frags. For up to 0.5″ (12.7 mm) tank thickness.

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Description The Karbon Rack is an advance frag rack system with an integrated novel anchoring system. The unique anchoring system grabs hold of the coral plugs and keeps it in place preventing them from being knocked over by tank inhabitants or strong water flow. The open branching design provides good water flow through the coral frags. This significantly reduces coral stress and keeps your coral healthy and vibrant. Unique interchangeable magnetic holder design easily allows you to change to stronger magnetic holders to accommodate different tank thicknesses. Hexagonal locking mechanism Novel grip retention system holds coral plugs in place and prevents them from being knocked out Non-scratch magnetic holders Soft touch materials on the magnetic holders reduces scratches on glass or acrylic tanks Good water flow Strategically designed rack openings increase water flow to corals from all directions Interchangeable magnetic holders Easily change to stronger magnetic holders to accommodate different tank thicknesses with the unique interchangeable design Reduction in coral stress Reduce coral stress from being knocked over by stabilizing them and keeping them in place

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