Aquonics Top Xecurity Fluval Evo 13.5 FO

No more wrestling with tools, no more wrong cuts, no more frustration. These lids are fully assembled and hassle free. Just take them out from the package and set them on your tank.

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Description Top Xecurity is a hassle free fully assembled aquarium cover. No more messing around with tools, measuring tapes and cutting. Set it on your aquarium and you are good to go. The sleek low profile and lightweight aquarium cover protects your aquarium inhabitants while allowing maximum light penetration and proper gas exchanges. Available in a number of sizes and with a feeding door. Thin strong transparent mesh Extra strong transparent nylon mesh maximizes light transmission Small mesh openings Small hole openings in the mesh keeps your tank inhabitants safe Proper gas exchanges Unlike glass tops, the mesh openings provide proper gas exchanges Breakaway corners for cord management Corners can be easily broken off to better manage and organize your cords and tubings

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