Avast Marine Multi-Purpose Magnet Mount

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Avast Marine Multi-Purpose Magnet Mount 

Here's a handy use for a pair of neodymium magnets and a little CNC-magic bracket.  Combine them and you have a simple, secure way to keep a variety of accessories in place and at the correct water depth.  The magnets will hold through 3/4" glass, accommodating nearly every sump out there.

The bracket slots can hold our ATO sensor tube, and the magnet mount comes with custom rubber bushings that accommodate either 1/2" probes, 1/4" poly tubing (commonly used with dosing pumps) or any combination of the two. The flexibility of the design allows for all probe styles, tubing types and more! 

What's Included

Three slot magnet mount with rubber inserts for 1/2" and 1/4" accessories.

3/4" accessories fit with rubber inserts removed.

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