Avast Marine Works Vibe 4L

  • Chamber dimensions: 8" tall, 6" diameter 
  • Footprint: 9.5" round 
  • Height: 19" (4L) 
  • Zeolite capacity: 4L 
  • Input/Output Connections: 3/4" straight barb unions 
  • Power: AC 120v 60hz 3w
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Avast Marine Works Vibe

The Vibe is a completely Automatic Zeovit reactor, the first of its kind and a long anticipated product from Avast Marine!

Filtration media maintenance is one of those aquarium chores that is so easily procrastinated, but often makes a major difference in water quality when performed correctly and timely. Zeolites are specially selected to grow bacterial film (or mulm), and need to be stirred up multiple times per day to remove this slime and keep them running at peak efficiency, this is an integral part of the Zeovit system and it has always been a tedious manual chore until now.

Our system of periodic agitation, calibrated so that media particles are cleansed, yet without being blown everywhere and making a mess uses a special vibration-inducing assembly to gently turn and agitate media while loosening bacterial films. The Vibe is not meant to be run continuously, but, like our Swabbie, activated for a minute or so several times per day. This short cycle is all that is needed release the mulm into the aquarium. The short duty cycle and correctly calibrated vibration frequency and amplitude also ensures that friable media aren't destroyed during the cleaning.

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