Brightwell Aquatics Purit - 500 ml

Next-Generation Chemical Filtration Media for use in all Marine and Freshwater Aquaria

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Brightwell Aquatics Purit

Next-Generation Chemical Filtration Media for use in all Marine and Freshwater Aquaria


Next-generation combination of enhanced activated carbon (offering superior chemical filtration
characteristics to traditional activated carbon) and NSF-grade ion-exchange and adsorptive resins
to enhance removal of impurities such as chloramines, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, silicate,
heavy metals, and dissolved organic material from water.
Facilitates decomposition and oxidation/reduction reactions, enhancing oxidation-reduction
potential (ORP), and improving water quality.
Improves water clarity by removing dyes and discoloration from water.
Eliminates odors caused by decaying organic material.
Removes copper from medicated systems. Removes lead and other heavy metals.
Completely safe for use in all reef, mixed-reef, fish-only, community, and planted aquaria.

Instructions and Guidelines

Guidelines: Prior to first use, rinse Purīt under a stream of fresh water, then discard water. *Used as directed, each 100 ml of Purīt will help maintain water quality in 25 US-gallons (94.6 L) for up to 6-months, depending upon system's bioload, rate of nutrient input to system, initial nutrient concentrations, and efficiency of pre-existing filtration utilized. Proper and sensible management of aquarium chemistry by limiting the rate of nutrient input (e.g. not overfeeding or overstocking an aquarium system) and performing regular water changes will prolong the effectiveness of Purīt.

The use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate organic material from aquarium water prior to its interaction with Purīt will prolong the media's effectiveness. Regardless of the method of application, slowing the flow of water through the media will improve its efficiency. In general, forced, laminar flow (e.g. flow in one direction, not turbulent or "fluidized") of aquarium water through Purīt will result in more rapid extraction of impurities than will placing the media inside a mesh bag and allowing it to passively remove impurities. Therefore, placing Purīt in a canister filter for the first one or two application to an aquarium will result in a significant decrease in the concentrations of latent dissolved organic material and other impurities, helping bring them under control; subsequently, Purīt can be employed in a mesh bag, if desired, for long-term control of nutrients and impurities. Expect Purīt to exhaust more rapidly during the first application if the system is high in dissolved organic material. Subsequent applications will yield positive results for a much longer period of time. Discard and replace Purīt when signs of water discoloration begin to re-appear in aquarium system. If using to remove chloramines from tap water, perform a test on filtered water to verify that Purīt has not become exhausted prior to adding the water to an aquarium containing living organisms. Canister filtration: Load Purīt into filter cartridge, or into in-line media housing, as directed by filter manufacturer. Some canisters may require that the media be housed inside a mesh bag, within the housing. Use a 150-micron mesh filter bag (included) in this case. Passive filtration: Place Purīt loosely in a 150-micron mesh filter bag and locate in an area of low- to medium-flow. Turning bag over once weekly will serve to shift the media and increases effectiveness of this method.

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