Danner Aqua-Supreme Air Pump - AP-3

  • Energy-Efficient Motor
  • Easy to Use
  • Quiet Operation
  • Accepts Standard Airline Tubing
  • 2.8 Watt
  • Air Flow: 110 cu. in/min
  • Pressure: 1.45 psi
  • Max Water Depth: 3.3’

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Energy-efficient recirculating Aqua-Supreme Air Pumps in 4 convenient sizes easily aerate single or multiple aquariums. Aqua-Supreme air pumps are ideal for most fresh and saltwater aquarium applications. In addition to aerating single or multiple aquariums, Aqua-Supreme air pumps are great for oxygenating indoor ponds and water gardens, aerating single or multiple terrariums, and oxygenating indoor water features.

Easy-to-use Aqua-Supreme air pumps accept standard airline tubing. Advanced design and soft rubber feet ensure quiet operation. Air pump motor needs no lubrication. UL-listed.

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