ESV Granular Activated Carbon 1lb


  •     Molasses Number: 225
  •     Iodine Number: 1050
  •     Hardness Number: 92
  •     Weight: 1lb

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ESV Granular Activated Carbon Information

Our Granular Activated Carbon based on bituminous coal provides the best combination of pore size, large particle size, high surface area, low ash, and hardness for chemically filtering aquarium water. In addition, test results indicate no leaching of phosphates. The high hardness level of this carbon prevents the dispersion of particles throughout the aquarium which can occur with softer grades of carbon. The large particle size facilitates water movement through the carbon and helps prevent the removal of planktonic food organisms via mechanical filtration. Usage: 1/2 cup per 40 gallons (1 cup per 40 gallons for tanks without protein skimmers) replace monthly.

The new carbon has a smaller particle size of 8 x 30 mesh (new) vs 4 x 8 mesh (old). This gives a higher surface area, resulting in faster and more efficient absorption of organics. If using a media bag, we recommend a 300 to 500 micron ( 50 - 35 mesh) bag. The carbon meets American Water Works Association and Food Chemical Codex requirements.

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