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With the EHEIM autofeeder+ we offer you the smart version of our (basic version) autofeeder with additional functions and advantages.

The EHEIM autofeeder+ is our intelligent automatic feeder with digital control via WLAN. All functions can be programmed and monitored via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. You can set both feeding times and quantities individually and generate a fasting day. There is protection against overfeeding and you will also receive an email message when the food in the drum is running low. In addition, synchronization with other devices in our WiFi program is also possible. For example, when linked to the EHEIM thermocontrol+e aquarium heater, you will be warned by email before feeding if the water temperature is too high and, when linked to the EHEIM professional 5e external filter, the flow rate can be automatically reduced or increased for 10 minutes during feeding.

EHEIM autofeeder+ has a power supply unit so it is not battery operated like the standard autofeeder. Maximum safety and reliability are a matter of course and the feeder comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Advantages of EHEIM autofeeder+

  • Electronic feeder with integrated WLAN function; programming and control via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC
  • No need to install an app
  • Integration with a home WLAN network is possible
  • Programming of different feeding times and feed quantities
  • Optional; one randomly generated fasting day per week
  • Overfeeding protection can be switched on to prevent accidental overdosing
  • A new type of slider on the feed drum makes it possible, for example, to supply even fish fry with very small amounts of feed.
  • Query of the current feed level
  • Predicting the range of the residual feed
  • Notifications by e-mail as soon as the fill level falls below 30 % - also as soon as the feed drum is empty
  • Smart linking with other electronically controlled devices: When feeding, for example, the flow rate of a linked EHEIM professional 5e external filter can be reduced or increased for 10 minutes.
  • Various devices of the EHEIM WIFI program can be grouped together, either by aquarium, room, family member or similar.
  • Protection against oxygen deficiency and tipping of the water quality: If the water temperature exceeds 30 °C, a warning is sent by e-mail providing the EHEIM thermocontrol+e aquarium heater is linked
  • Feeding stops during water changes or maintenance: If the linked filter is not running, no feeding takes place.
  • Actively vented feed chamber
  • Capacity approx. 125 ml
  • All functions and the WLAN network can be switched on and off at any time
  • Manual feed programming is also possible at any time
  • Operated with a safety power supply unit with protective extra-low voltage (not battery operated)
  • Convenient cable length approx. 200 cm
  • Incl. bracket for mounting on open aquariums or terrariums
  • High safety and reliability plus a 3-year warranty

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