Eshopps Bio Cup R - Rectangle Filter Cup Replacement

New to ESHOPPS Bio Cup R, (Rectangular) media cup is designed to be used in place of a standard 4”x7” filter sock. ESHOPPS Bio Cup R all acrylic construction & high flow water channels allow for any type of filtration media such as, floss, ceramic media, carbon, or GFO. Bio Cup R fits perfectly into any ESHOPPS 4”x7” filter sump(s) sock cradle and easily accommodates stacking different media types in a tower style filtration method. Bio Cup R is reusable and easy to insert & remove for servicing.

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Features Easy to insert & remove High flow design Compatible with all ESHOPPS filter sumps equipped with 4”x7” rectangular filter sock cradle. Specifications Item # 95864 Dimensions - 7.5 x 4.5 x 7" Weight - 1 lb Tank Usage - up to 180 g. max Max GPH - 500 gph

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