Eshopps Super Spy Coral Viewer Small 6in Diameter

  • Cylindrical viewer acts like a scuba mask to reduce surface distortion so you can better view corals and other items in your tank
  • Surface coral viewer allows a clear view of corals in your aquarium from above
  • Large viewing surface is ideal for taking photos inside your aquarium

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Eshopps Super Spy Coral Viewer

See your corals as never before! Innovative viewer acts like a scuba mask to cut through surface distortion. No more hassle of turning off pumps or powerheads to reduce water movement when you just want to take a good look at corals, tank components, or accessories. You won't believe the great looking, undistorted photos you can take with this superb tool. Viewer allows a clear view of your corals from above, and because it floats on surface of water, you don't have to hold it in place when you snap your photos. Viewer is also helpful for a variety of other aquarium tasks that require a closer look, such as routine maintenance, aquascaping, or coral propagation. Shaped like a shallow cylinder, the outside is made of thick plastic, while wide viewing panel is made of crystal-clear acrylic. Easy to use. Does not magnify.

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