Fauna Marin LPS Grow and Color Coral Food 250ml

Vitalis LPS Coral Pellets deliver a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. They are a complete pet food for corals.

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Fauna Marin LPS Grow and Color Coral Food 250ml

Medium-sized pellet coral food. Specially formulated coral food for colored LPS and other Azoox corals.

  • Natural planktons combined with special proteins 

Manufacturer's Dosing Recommendation:

  • Feed the pellets directly to corals 2 times per week
  • Turn off pumps and target feed one pellet to polyp of each coral



Proteins 78%, Marine Lipids 17%, Carbohydrates 5%, Fats, Marine proteins, Lipids, Omega3 fatty-acids, marine oils , antioxidants. Trace Elements. Marine Organic Elements

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