Fauna Marin Reef Start Pro Bac 60ml

An all-in-one superfood that will have your corals thanking you, delivering better growth, higher resilience, brighter colors, greater ease of use with automatic dosers, and minimal over skimming.

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The ideal bacteria starter for new aquaria

REEF START PRO BAC is highly effective, contains billions of bacteria per milliliter! Selected, highly active bacteria strains in the innovative substrate matrix B-29 provide crystal clear water in no time. Due to the inoculated substrate matrix, the bacteria distribute throughout the aquarium water and immediately start to process it. This ensures good water values and a healthy aquarium environment. Bound nutrients are skimmed off and the growth of undesireable algae is inhibited, for biologically stable conditions.


60 ml for 150 l (39,63 US gal) tank water

Technical Data


  • Shake vigorously for ten seconds before use and then add to the tank water.
  • Overdosing is not harmful.
  • The naturally occurring turbidity disappears after a few hours.
  • For more information and application instructions, see QR code.

Do not freeze!


  • Water
  • billions of powerful starter bacteria per ml on B29 matrix
  • enzyme compounds

Safety Notice

  • Keep product away from children.
  • Intended for aquarium use only.
  • Do not inhale, do not swallow.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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