Fauna Marin RTN/STN X 500 ml

Flatworm Stop will help reduce parasitic flatworms on Acropora and SPS corals while strengthening all other types of corals. It works by making Acropora tissue unpalatable to Acro-Eating Flatworms, slowly starving them. As a long-term treatment, there is no danger of sudden flatworm die-off and the associated spike in waterborne toxins. Flatworm Stop will also improve growth and vigor and can be used on a continual basis.

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Fauna Marin RTN/STN X 500 ml

RTN / STN-X the solution against tissue necrosis on corals

RTN/STN-X is a protective treatment for corals and is effective against tissue necrosis in corals, both the fast form (RTN, Rapid Tissue Necrosis) and the slow form (STN, Slow Tissue Necrosis). RTN/STN-X disrupts the microorganism development involved and at the same time strengthens the corals' defenses.

RTN/STN-X contributes:

  • Soft corals and sea anemones

  • Stony corals SPS/LPS

  • azooxanthellate corals


We recommend a treatment period of 7-10 days. If necessary, the treatment can be extended. Before using the preparation, please read the HTU RTN/STN-X and follow the using instructions carefully.

RTN/STN-X is used in the aquarium and is safe to use. Other aquarium inhabitants will not be affected.

Suitable for:

  • All corals


  • Water, Zinc,capsaicin extract <2%


  • Acute infection: 15ml/100 litres ( 26 USgal )/daily 4 - 6 weeks

  • Addition 3 ml/100 litres (26 USgal)/daily Bacto Therapy

Dosing instructions:

  • Dose once a day and always dose directly into the aquarium. Switch off the ozone. Skimmer, UV-System,activated carbon,and Po4-Adsorber can be operational.

  • Use dosing pumps for dosing. Dosage should be dosed once a day!

  • You can dose at any time during the day.

  • If you dose by hand, use a syringe and our DIY Doser to avoid contamination of the product.

  • Calculate the water quantity exactly.

  • Do not overdose.

Available in the sizes:

  • 500 ml / 1000 ml / 5000 ml

Safety Instructions:

Use biocidal products with care.
Always read label and product information before use.
BAuA Reg. No.: N-94587

  • Only for the use in reef aquarium.

  • Keep out of reach of children!

  • Avoid eye contact! If product gets into eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

  • Wash hands after use.

  • Do not swallow! If the product has been swallowed, consult a doctor - Show the doctor the label.

Storage advice:

  • The product has a shelflive of 3 years.

  • Store it in a dry place, protected from light at normal room temperature.

  • Avoid contamination of the product with bacteria or dirt.

  • Make sure that children do not have access to the used or stored product.


  • The empty bottle can be disposed of with the household waste or at recycling centers. 

  • Please observe your local regulations for waste disposal

Manufacturing information:

RTN-STN-X is produced in Germany at Fauna Marin GmbH

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