Fiji Cube 48 Holes Coral Frag Rack with Plug and Slide Locking System

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Need something to hold all of your coral frags. Look no further. This 48 capacity frag rack features the Fiji Cube Plug Locking system which secures your frag plugs without the worry of fish, crabs, or waves knocking them off. The frag hole size is ½” in diameter which fits most frag plugs designs. Our proprietary design allows for flow under and over the rack - creating a cleaner environment for faster, brighter and healthier coral growth. Footprint: 270mmx210mm | 10.63” x 8.27” Height: 70mm | 2.76” Frag Hole Size: Max 1/2” Hold up to 48 coral frag plugs Flexible round and slide rack design Optimized viewing angle allows for maximum light absorption while keeping a pleasant presentation Additional Features For salt or fresh water environments Commercial grade durability & craftsmanship Superior quality build materials

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