Hanna Graduated Pipette (0.1 mL) - HI731339P

The HI731339P is a volumetric pipette designed to measure and transfer exactly 100 µL of solution to a cuvette. To obtain the highest accuracy and precision from the HI758 marine calcium Checker it is necessary to add exactly 100 µL of aquarium saltwater to the cuvette. Any variation will result in an inaccurate reading.

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Hanna Graduated Pipette (0.1 mL) - HI731339P

The HI731339P Graduated Pipette is able to accurately transfer 100 µL of solution to a sample cuvette. The liquid is aspirated into disposable tips, eliminating cross contamination of samples.

By simply pressing the pushbutton to the first stop, immersing the disposable tip into the sample, and slowly releasing the pushbutton, an accurate volume of 100 µL of liquid is taken up. To dispense the liquid, users then press the pushbutton past the first stop to the second stop to ensure the full volume is expelled. The HI731339P uses the HI731349P Plastic Pipette Tips.

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