IceCap Phosphate Removal Filter Pad

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Phosphate Removal Aquarium Filtration Pad

Cut-to-size filtration pad for the removal and control of phosphates in ponds, marine, and freshwater aquariums. This premium phosphate-reducing filtration pad is a popular choice for multipurpose applications. Designed with resilient fibers help keep your aquarium crystal clear by trapping harmful and unwanted free-floating debris and particulates.

Cut-to-fit Phosphate Removal filter pad is perfect for wet/dry, sumps, canister filters and so much more! Simply place the pad in the path of flowing water to trap unwanted debris and particulates. The filter pad will capture large and small particulates while reducing phosphate spikes & toxic buildup in marine tanks, and freshwater aquariums and ponds. The Phosphate Removal Pad can be combined with other filter pads, poly fiber pads, nitrate reducer pads, and carbon pads.

Changing the Phosphate Removal Pad regularly will increase water quality and enhance the well-being of your aquatic pets by removing solid organic compounds before they break down and increasing the levels of ammonia and nitrate in your aquarium.  


  • For ponds, marine and freshwater aquariums
  • Removes phosphates to eliminate algae
  • Traps excess food, waste, and debris
  • Cut-to-size 10in x 18in filtration pad

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