ICP Mass Spec Water Test (Saltwater)

The ICP-Mass Spec Water Analysis will test over 50 elements all the way down to parts per trillion(ppt).  The Mass Spec ICP test is up to 1000x more accurate than traditional ICP OES.  The process uses a five-point calibration curve and certified standards to guarantee the highest accuracy.  Due to the provided accuracy, you will also be suggested on how much to dose your aquarium with popular brands of trace elements, such as Aquaforest, Red Sea Coral Colors, and ATI!

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What is ICP-Mass Spec?

Inductive Couple Plasma, or ICP, is an instrument commonly used for testing when complying with the EPA regulations in food and environmental issues. ICP-Mass Spec will test your aquarium’s water elements down to parts per trillion (ppt), surpassing the accuracy of any hobby level test kits and 1000x more accurate than traditional ICP OES.

How does Mass Spec ICP work?

Saltwater is injected into a plasma chamber that is approximately 10,000 degrees Celsius. This extreme temperature breaks everything in the sample apart into the basic elements. Every element is then released at a specific wavelength and the machine measures the concentration of the element by how much energy is released at that specific wavelength.

Why is ICP testing for your water so important?

Research has shown time after time that certain trace elements are necessary for the growth, reproduction, and color of many corals. Knowing exactly what is in your tank’s water will help you troubleshoot issues, see what is missing from the water that may be inhibiting coral growth and coloration, or simply help you make educated adjustments to give your corals the best possible environment to thrive. With the ICP Mass Spec you can now have access to a dosing calculator for popular trace elements.

Is this test only for aquarium water?

Certainly not. It is beneficial to test your drinking water to ensure that chemicals, metals, or other harmful elements are not ingested by your family or pets. 

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