Kamoer ATO One 2 SE - Auto Top Off

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Kamoer ATO One 2 SE - Auto Top Off

Kamoer ATO One 2 Smart Auto Top Off System for Aquarium


The Kamoer ATO One 2 is an intelligent water replenishment device, is an upgraded version of ATO One.

ATO One 2 SE is the standard version with submersible pump, it only needs to install the sensor and submersible pump, which can be used after power on without setting. The sensor is fixed by magnet, which is convenient for installation and adjustment.

Equipped with optical level sensor, blue optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level and decide whether to replenish water, red optical level sensor is used to prevent the overflow.

ATO One 2 SE has rich status indication, when the refill water overflows or overtime, when the water in the refill container is insufficient, ATO One 2 SE will have indicator light and buzzer alarm.


  • Sensor: Optical Sensor
  • Pump: DC12v submersible pump
  • Power Adapter Input: 100-240VAC
  • Power Adapter Output: DC12v 1A

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