Kessil LED Grow Light H80 Tuna Flora

  • Great for Refugium
  • Chaeto Grow Light
  • Dimensions: 0.98" x 4.88" / 2.5cm x 12.4cm (H x D)</p>
  • Unit Weight: 0.88 lb / 0.4kg
  • Spectrum: Blue, Grow, Bloom, Red
  • Coverage: Up to 24" surface diameter
  • Power Adapter: 100-240V AC (input)<br />24V DC (output)
  • Power Consumption: 15W

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Kessil LED Grow Light H80 Tuna Flora

Superior Illumination


The H80 can be adjusted between four full-spectrum UV blends to maximize its effectiveness through all phases of plant cultivation. Specifically designed for indoor plants and macroalgae in refugium tank.


By combining a unique fanless design and the compact Dense Matrix array, the H80 outputs the most photon energy per watt of any Kessil fixture.


The BLUE spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting prolific stem extension.


The GROW spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth throughout the life cycles of many different plants.


The BLOOM spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants' crucial reproductive stage.


The RED spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth during the plant's whole life. During the finishing stage, the RED spectrum also increases the plants' productivity and the quality of the harvest.



Switch the spectrum depending on the phase of the plant growth.

Heat Management

Innovative heat dissipation allows for fanless, low maintenance, elegant design. Absolutely quiet in your canopy.

Dense Matrix LED

Our unique, efficient Dense Matrix LED array is built in-house and packs high-power and deep penetration into a single tiny array.

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