Lemon Damselfish - Pomacentrus moluccensis


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Description: Lemon Damselfish, scientifically known as Pomacentrus moluccensis, brings a splash of sunshine to any aquarium. These vibrant yellow fish are perfect for both beginner and experienced aquarists alike. With their manageable care level, they thrive in a variety of tank setups. Their diet consists mainly of flake or pellet foods, supplemented with occasional live or frozen treats. Lemon Damselfish typically reach a max size of around 3 inches, making them suitable for smaller tanks. Their peaceful temperament makes them great community fish, though they may exhibit territorial behavior. Belonging to the Pomacentridae family, they add both color and personality to any aquatic environment.

Care Level: Beginner-friendly, this species thrives in well-maintained aquariums with stable water parameters. Provide ample hiding spots amidst live rock formations for optimal comfort.

Diet: Omnivore

Max Size: 3 inches

Temperament: Known for their spunky demeanor, Neon Blue Damselfish exhibit moderate aggression, especially towards conspecifics and similarly sized tankmates. Exercise caution when housing with peaceful species.

Family: Belonging to the Pomacentridae family, these captivating creatures hail from the vibrant coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region.

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