Longhorn Cowfish - Lactoria cornuta


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The Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) is a charming addition to any aquarium with its unique appearance and quirky behavior. With its horn-like protrusions and vibrant colors, this fish is a delight to observe. Care for these creatures is moderate, requiring a well-established tank with ample hiding spots. Their diet consists of a variety of marine foods including algae, small crustaceans, and mollusks. At a maximum size of around 18 inches, they need spacious environments to thrive. Despite their adorable appearance, Longhorn Cowfish can be territorial, so it's best to house them with compatible tank mates. Belonging to the Ostraciidae family, they add a touch of exotic flair to marine collections.

Care Level: Moderate 

Diet: Omnivore 

Max Size: 18 inches 

Temperament: Territorial 

Family: Ostraciidae

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