Neptune Systems DOS QuietDrive Dosing Pump

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Neptune Systems DOS QuietDrive Dosing Pump

DŌS QuietDrive - Dose. Automate. Protect.

  • New QuietZone Modes for Reduced Noise
  • New Continuous Duty Modes
  • Same Reliable DŌS Hardware
  • Compatible with A2 and A3 Series Apex Controllers

In the most important ways, this is still the same Neptune Systems DŌS that reefers have come to know and love. The Neptune Systems DŌS QuietDrive remains a highly efficient, programmable dosing system designed to work seamlessly with the Neptune Systems Apex Controllers. Ideal for a variety of dosing applications, it offers precise control over dosing volumes and schedules through the easy-to-use Apex Fusion cloud interface. The DŌS QD pump features dual pump heads, large-diameter tubing, and simple maintenance with easy tube replacement. It's a practical solution for accurate and consistent aquarium dosing, minimizing manual work and maximizing reliability.

So, What's New with the DŌS QuietDrive?

Quiet Operation: The DŌS QD incorporates EcoTech QuietDrive technology to significantly reduce noise. 

  • Up to 400% reduction in noise at high speeds (60/125/250 ml/min)
  • Up to 200% reduction in noise at slow speeds (7/12/25 ml/min)

Continuous Duty Operation: At speeds up to 60ml/min, the DŌS QD can run continuously, allowing the pump heads to run more quietly and offering more flexibility for additive dosing and automatic water changes.

Priming Buttons: The priming buttons have been changed from plastic to backlit with R and L indicators, allowing you to easy see what you're doing, even if you're working in a dark aquarium stand. They are now water resistant, which helps prevent damage to the DŌS QD if you press them with wet hands.

Powered by 1LINK: Say goodbye to the power supply. The DŌS QuietDrive includes a 1LINK cable, which connects directly to the EB832 Power Bar. This single cable powers the DŌS and links it with your Apex Controller, cutting down on the number of cords and freeing up a standard plug on your EB832.

New Look: Last but not least, the DŌS QD has been re-styled in a dark grey color similar to the Sky LED, giving it a bold new appearance.


What Can the DŌS QuietDrive be Used For?

Two-Part Dosing: The most common use for the DŌS is dosing calcium and alkalinity to your system. Using a dosing pump to add these elements means greater stability of important water parameters and less daily maintenance. Simply run the DŌS Additive Dosing task in Apex Fusion and enter the amount of liquid you'd like to dose and when you'd like for it to be dosed. The DŌS then sets up all the dosing intervals within that time period.

Automatic Water Changes: Water changes with the DŌS QuietDrive have never been easier.  All you do is run tubing to your empty vessel or drain and to your fresh stock of saltwater. Then, in Apex Fusion, select and run the DŌS Automatic Water Change task and you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes. It will perform an automatic water change for you based on the schedule you've set up. It's possible to change up to 30 gallons per day, or 12 gallons per day in the "Quiet Zone."

Micro Dosing: If you need to dose tiny amounts liquid (like vodka dosing or for Zeovit systems), the DŌS is the perfect solution due to its precision-controlled stepper motor. This ability to control pump movement in such a refined manner means that you can dose as little as 0.1ml at a time.

Easy Maintenance and Tubing Changes

Changing out the pump head on the DŌS is a snap...Literally! All you need to do to change out the pump head is squeeze and remove. Then attach your dosing tubing to the new head, and snap it back on. No screws, no fuss.

DDR Compatible (sold separately)

The DŌS has an accessory port that will enable it to be connected to the DDR – DOS Dual Reservoir. The DDR has two storage vessels that hold up to 2 liters each, with an optical sensor in each side to let you know when you're running low on dosing solution.


  • Requires: A2 or A3 Series Apex Controller
  • Dimensions (Approx.): 9.5" x 5" x 5"
  • Max. Lift Height: 24 Feet
  • Max. Suction Height: 24 Feet
  • Flow Rate: Variable (0.1ml - 250ml/min)
  • Power: 24VDC

What's Included?

  • DŌS QuietDrive Dosing Pump
  • 1LINK Cable
  • 4 Meters of 6mm Tubing
  • 50ml Graduated Cylinder for Calibration

Note: Requires an A2 or A3 Series Apex Controller to operate.

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