Nyos Absolute Aminos - 50ml

  • A highly concentrated amino acid solution for corals.
  • Dosage: 1 drop per 100 l (25 gal) per day
  • Extreme colour and growth boost
  • Improved polyp extension of all corals
  • More colourful growth tips
  • Highly concentrated and economical


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Nyos Absolute Aminos - 50ml

NYOS® ABSOLUTE AMINOS is a pure, highly concentrated amino acid solution for your corals.

ABSOLUTE AMINOS were developed based on scientific knowledge and they were extensively tried by well-known coral breeders. ABSOLUTE AMINOS are produced exclusively for NYOS® in a biotechnological laboratory in Germany. This ensures high purity and constant quality.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Extreme color and growth boost for your corals
  • Improved polyp expansion of all corals
  • Increase in volume of LPS, soft corals, discosomas etc.
  • Longer, more colorful growth tips of SPS
  • Molluscs delineate colors more strongly
  • Also suitable as regeneration bath for weakened corals and molluscs
  • Highly concentrated and very economical

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