Ozotech Corona Discharge Cell Cleaning Kit

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Ozotech Corona Discharge Cell Cleaning Kit

Periodic cleaning of the corona discharge (CD) cell is important for long-term efficiency and equipment life. Over time humidity and debris will cause the discharge cell to foul, making the generator work harder to create ozone. Cleaning the cell only takes a few minutes and the CD Cell Cleaning Kit includes everything you will need for the cleaning process.

Compatible with the following Ozotech Ozone Generators:

  • EOG 100
  • EOG 200
  • EOG 400
  • Poseidon 100
  • Poseidon 200
  • Poseidon 400
  • PR220 PRO

 Cell Cleaning Instructions:

Ensure the power is disconnected from the ozone generator, and remove the outer housing. Locate the discharge cell, and disconnect the female connector from the male HV connector located on the board. Remove the CD cell from the retaining clips and disconnect the Tygon tubing which will be needed for reinstallation. Connect the provided clear PVC tubing to both ports of the CD Cell. Fill the included measuring cup about 3/4 full with warm water and submerge the longer piece of tubing into the cup. Connect the syringe to the other shorter price of tubing to draw the water through the cell. With the syringe, push and pull the water back and forth 10 times. If the water gets dirty, replace it with clean water and repeat the flushing process until only clear water is coming out of the cell. 

Disconnect the tubing and with the compressed air, blow out the CD cell from both ports until no moisture is coming out. Once all the moisture is evacuated from the CD cell reinstall the Tygon tubing to the cell and place the CD back into the retaining clips. Connect the female connection to the male HV connection on the board. Place the board back into the housing and you are done!

What's Included?

1x 35mL Syringe
1x 3.5oz Compressed Air
1x Measuring Cup
2x Cleaning Tubes

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