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Reef Breeders ATO


Dive into a new era of aquarium care with the ReefBreeders ATO 2023 Model, where sophistication harmonizes with advanced functionality!

The ReefBreeders ATO symbolizes the zenith of aquarium care innovation. With enhanced features, aesthetics, and performance, achieving a harmonious aquatic environment has never been this effortless. Trust in ReefBreeders, where excellence is a standard.

Key Features:

  • All-Inclusive Setup: Our package is truly comprehensive, including a pump, tubing, tubing holder, magnetic-mounted sensor, power supply, and siphon break.
  • Compact Advanced IR Sensor: At a mere 0.86" long, our sensor is a significant 62% smaller than the Prism ATO's 2.25" length, making it more unobtrusive and reducing the amount of water added when the pump is activated
  • Uniform Sleek Design: All components are meticulously color-matched in a deep black, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated look for any aquarium setup.
  • Versatile Magnetic Mount: Adaptable for both glass and acrylic, our mount secures tightly to surfaces up to 5/8" thick.
  • Enhanced Quiet Pump: Experience a quieter operation than our previous Prism ATO model, ensuring peace for both you and your aquatic friends.
  • Improved Seals: The seals on both the sensor and magnet have been enhanced from the Prism ATO model for longer-lasting performance.
  • Smart Pump Technology: With an integrated sensor, the system identifies when the ATO reservoir is empty and promptly shuts the pump off.
  • Secure Tubing Holder: Perfectly fits tank trims or euro braces up to 0.6 inches thick.
  • Premium Tubing: Comes with 6.5 feet of 1/4" ID black vinyl tubing.
  • Waterproof Excellence: The IP65 waterproof plugs for the power supply and pump guarantee top-notch protection.
  • Safety First with Siphon Break: Ensure a consistent and safeguarded flow with our integrated siphon break.
  • Optimal Cord Lengths: Enjoy 56-inch cords from the pump and power supply to the Y cable, complemented by a 20-inch extension from the Y cable to the ATO sensor, totaling 6.5 feet.
  • Guaranteed Reliability: Benefit from a 24-month USA warranty, with 36 and 48-month extended warranties available for added assurance.
  • Enhanced Magnetic Mounts: Separately available, these upgraded mounts come with integrated tubing holders for a more streamlined setup.


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