Sicce WHALE 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit

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Sicce WHALE 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit

This Sicce Replacement Sponge Kit is a direct replacement for the prefilter sponges included with your WHALE 350 or 500 canister filter.

Sponge filters act as the first stage mechanical filter for water polishing, removing debris and small particulates from the water column. While these sponges can often be cleaned and reused a few times, they do eventually begin to clog and need to be replaced to restore optimal filtration. These replacement kits included two different sponge densities to progressively remove smaller particulates from the water to maintain clarity and protect your media from clogging.

What's Included?

Sicce 350 & 500 Replacement Sponge Kit
(2x 10ppi Replacement Sponges, 2x 20ppi Replacement Sponges)

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