Synergy Reef Overflow External Pipe Kit 1.5″ PVC Red

External Plumbing Pipes for Shadow™ Overflow

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Synergy Reef Overflow External Pipe Kit 1.5″ PVC

The Shadow® Overflow is the evolution of the Synergy Reef® overflow system. Now 100% Injection Molded! Why settle for a hand built knockoff overflow system when you can own a Genuine Shadow® Overflow These are the pipes needed for installing our 16″ Shadow® and 20″ Synergy Reef Overflows. These pipes are for the outside bottom of the rear box. They are pre-cut and chamfered and allow for Plug ‘n Play operation of the overflow. 1.5″ PVC. These will glue into overflow and then into unions.

You get 3 x 4″ pieces of PVC.

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