Tropic Marin Bio-Calcium - 1800 g

  • Increases calcium and alkalinity and at the same time stabilizes the pH without disturbing the ionic balance.
  • No unnatural by-products.
  • Exact dosages without prior dissolving.
  • Can also be used as part of the Tropic Marin® BIO-ACTIF SYSTEM.
  • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with soft corals, LPS and SPS.

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Tropic Marin Bio-Calcium

Calcium supplement for reef aquariums

Corals and other invertebrates use calcium from the sea water in which they live. While there is an inexhaustible supply of calcium in the ocean, in the marine aquarium, calcium and alkalinity get depleted quickly. To support the healthy, natural growth of corals, a balanced calcium supplementation is essential.

Natural seawater has a calcium content of approximately 410 mg/l, an alkalinity of 6.5 °dH and a pH of 8.2. All three parameters work together in the water to reach calcium saturation, which is essential for optimum growth of corals and coralline algae. Tropic Marin® Bio-Calcium is a simple and efficient way to raise calcium and alkalinity and to stabilize the pH for optimal growth of corals and coralline algae while creating the ideal conditions for successful reef aquariums.


Tropic Marin® Bio-Calcium contains calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, potassium and trace elements.

Application and dosage

Calculate the total system water volume. Determine the calcium carbonate requirement by measuring the calcium concentration and the alkalinity. One level measuring spoon of Bio-Calcium in 100 l (26 gallons) raises the alkalinity by 1.5 °dH and the calcium concentration by 10 mg/l (ppm). A carbonate hardness of 9 °dH should not be exceeded. Maximum recommended dose is 2 measuring spoons per 100 l / 26 US-gal. of aquarium water per day.

By the help of the enclosed measuring spoon (use the spatula for precise measurement) sprinkle Bio-Calcium onto the surface of the water, where it is being circulated by a pump. Add slowly to avoid clouding from localised super saturation. Take care not to allow a larger amount of undissolved Bio-Calcium crystals to come into contact with invertebrates. If this is not possible, we recommend the use of the liquid Original Balling products or Carbocalcium/Carbocalcium Podwer.

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