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Targeted Coral Nutrient Supply

  • Inspired by Natural Biological Principles
  • For Stronger Growth & More Intense Colors
  • Includes Trace Elements Like Iodide, Fluoride & Bromide

Phosphate is one of the nutrients with high consumption and often low availability in the reef aquarium. Phosphate is essential in numerous growth processes of the skeleton and tissue of the coral.

In a natural coral reef environment, insoluble particulates supply corals with phosphate essential for metabolism and growth. These particles can be very easily filtered out of the water and utilized by the corals. Phos-Feed is modeled after this natural phosphate supply process. Insoluble particulate phosphates are the most effective way to deliver this essential nutrient to the corals.

Now, for the first time in your reef aquarium, phosphate is dosed in a targeted manner, without continuously increased phosphate concentration of the water column. As a result, coral growth is stimulated and the corals show natural patterns of skeletal development and bright colors.

Directions for Use:

Tropic Marin Phos-Feed can be added at any time of the day or night, but since the application clouds the water somewhat, it's ideal to dose Phos-Feed around the time the lights on the aquarium are turned off. This also takes advantage of the nocturnal polyp opening of the corals.

Half fill a container with approximately 200ml of RO water and add the calculated amount of Phos-Feed. Stir well to mix the powder and water. Pour the mixture into a high flow area of the aquarium and rinse the cup with aquarium water.

Dosage: Start with a daily dosage of 1 ml (small measuring spoon) Tropic Marin Phos-Feed per 50 US gallons of aquarium water. If after four weeks a phosphate concentration between 0.05 ppm and 0.15 ppm is not reached in the aquarium, double the dosage to 2 ml (larger measuring spoon) per 50 US gallons.

We recommend not to exceed a maximum dosage of 4 ml per 50 US gallons.

Ingredients: Phosphate Mineral Powder, Trace Elements (iodide, fluoride, and bromide); Inactive ingredient: Pro-Reef Sea Salt

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