Avast Marine Works Fluidized Media Reactor MR16

  • Footprint: 9" round, base 7.5"
  • Overall Height: 17.5" 
  • Media Capacity: 16 Cups
  • Input/Output: 3/4" barbed union fittings
  • Recommended Pump: Sicce 2.0 or 3.0

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Avast Marine Works Fluidized Media Reactors

Our fluidized media reactor is designed to efficiently filter water with a variety of media types. The reactor includes 2 types of filter pads for retaining different media types such as activated carbon or granular ferric oxide (GFO). The included mesh disks make this reactor an excellent choice for fluidizing larger grained carbon. The mesh disks don't clog and are the correct size to keep larger size carbon and some GFO types contained above the disk. If you're using very fine grained media such as ROX 0.8 carbon, then you'll want to use the foam pads that also ship with the reactor, or a mesh bag. Also included is a flow control valve, 5 feet of soft tubing for pump attachment, and barbed union disconnect fittings. The MR5, our small sized reactor, only has room for one union connection; the output fitting is a vertical barb fitting. In all sizes, both barbed fittings are 1/2" NPT, threaded into the lid.

For Biopellet use, we recommend our optional Biopellet Nozzle which provides excellent pellet movement and no clogging. This nozzle replaces the bottom media plate and mesh disk. We recommend keeping the top screen in place to prevent floating pellets from escaping.

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