Fiji Cube FIJI-15 Advanced Reef Sump 2nd Gen

  • Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 16"
  • Filter Sock: One x 4"
  • Drain Size: Two x 1"
  • Skimmer Section: 14.2" x 8"
  • Return Section: 6.12" x 5.75"
  • Recommended Tank Size: 10G-60G
  • Bulkheads Included: Two x 1" and One x 3/4"

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Fiji Cube FIJI-15 Advanced Reef Sump 2nd Gen

Fiji Cube Advanced Reef Sump is your great sump option due to its elegant design and unique features. All Fiji Cube sumps come with great features such as a full top support brace to prevent bowing overtime from the humidity and water pressure. Additional features such as interchangeable filter socks or filter floss holder allow you to choose your preferred mechanical filtration. The corners of the sump are also rounded for robust strength resistance. The sumps were designed with large equipment room (protein skimmer and reactor) to maximize equipment potential and refugium ready in mind to maximize absorption like ammonia, phosphorus, and other unwanted nutrients. To complement this great sump for your aquariums, all Fiji Cube sumps come with polycarbonate covers to reduce noise and evaporation from sump operation.


  • High quality full cast acrylic construction and full top support brace
  • Quiet water flow operation design
  • Interchangeable floss filter box and filter sock holder (filter sock included)
  • Heater holder, test probe holder and dosing holes included (removable)
  • Auto top off float valve holder (Removable)
  • Water level adjustable (5”-12”) in protein skimmer, refugium and equipment compartments
  • Polycarbonate sump cover / lid
  • Refugium ready (except for FIJI-12 and FIJI-15)

Top Brace Design

The sumps are made with high quality full cast acrylic with full top support brace to further reinforce the mechanical structure for long term use

Interchangeable Floss Filter Box and Filter Sock Holder

With the new design of the interchange mechanical filtration, you now can have the option of floss or sock filter.

Adjustable Water Level

Water level in the sump is adjustable from 5” to 12”. The feature is to accommodate for the water height requirements for different protein skimmers and user needs.

Heater Holder, Test Probe Holder, Dosing Holes

These sumps come with the holders to maximize the conveniences

Polycarbonate Sump Cover / Lid

Laser cut Polycarbonate Sump cover / lid to minimize water evaporation and reduce salt creep

Refugium Ready Compartment

The sumps comes with refugium compartment to cultivate copepods for healthier fishes and reduce nutrients for better water quality. The compartment can also be used for smaller equipment such as media reactor, refugium/algae reactor, fish segregation, coral growth compartment and etc

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