Ozone Air Dryer Gen 2

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Ozone Air Dryer Gen 2

Air Dryers remove humidity from the air to ensure that your ozone generator will have maximum output and extended use. The Ozotech DI-Air Dryer 2.0 is a small affordable air drier that is designed to change colors when the desiccant media stops producing dry air. Its compact size and affordability makes it the perfect choice for small ozone applications with a low duty rating. Sold with reusable silica gel beads that can be recharged by simply baking in an oven or in the sunlight. 

Ozotech Ozone Air Dryer Specs and Benefits:

  • Silica gel beads are rechargeable by simply baking in an oven
  • Maximize Ozone Generator performance
  • Extends Ozone Generator life
  • Dimensions: W 5" x H 12" x D 4"

We strongly recommend using an Air Dryer in conjunction with an ozone generator.

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