Synergy Reef 16″ Shadow Overflow V3

Up to 2500 Gallon Per Hour Flow Rates! That’s right. With 3 x 1.5″ Drains, this overflow can handle some flow!

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Synergy Reef 16″ Shadow Overflow V3

What is the Shadow® Overflow?

The Shadow® Overflow is a device that is used to divert water flow from your aquarium into your filtration sump. This overflow can be used on any Freshwater, Marine or Reptilian habitats.  There are no limitations on where you can use this overflow system.

Features of the V3 Shadow® Overflow

  • Sealed Rear Lid and Rear Box Design – Rear Lid and Rear Box flange makes a watertight seal. This helps completely reduce salt creep formation on the exterior box.  The V3 Rear lid and Rear box is virtually watertight and prevents any water from exiting the box. No other overflow on the market has this capability.
  • 1.5″ Exterior Box Slip Fitting Openings – The 3 x 1.5″ Slip fitting openings in the rear box to allow for better fitting of ANY 1.5″ PVC Pipe or Fitting. This gives you maximum flow with a very small external box footprint. The smallest external box to flow rate ratio available. No big clunky exterior box behind your tank. Just small, sleek and compact.
  • Re-Engineered Polymer Construction – The Rear Box Material has been changed to a proprietary new polymer blend! This new polymer allows you to use ANY type of PVC or ABS glue or primer you choose.  This means that you can use any PVC Cement that you can find locally or have on hand already. It also makes the rear box even more durable than before!
  • Quiet Flow™ Weir design – The Shadow V3 now has a redesigned weir that makes it the quietest front weir box available. We have re-engineered the front internal box and designed an integrated Quiet Flow™ system. This allows for the same high surface skimming capability with no noise from internal flow pumps or wave makers.
  • Upgrade-able! – Our Current Shadow V1 or V2 customers can easily upgrade their overflows to the V3. V2 Customers can easily upgrade without any re-plumbing of your system. And The V3 will be upgrade-able with any future advancements.

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