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Zebrasoma flavescens - The Yellow Tang is arguably the most iconic and among the most highly sought after aquarium fish in the world. Bright yellow in coloration and endemic to the islands of Hawaii, this is a fish Biota breeds in conjunction with the Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University. 

On arrival, these fish tend to prefer small pellet foods. In our facilities, we frequently feed a mixed diet of Easy Reefs Masstick and appropriately sized DKI Pellets and C1 and C2 pellets, nori, frozen food blends, spirulina brine shrimp. An adult should ideally be housed in a tank of 125 gallons or more, but a young juvenile can be housed in a smaller aquariums while growing. The small size Yellow Tangs are approximately 1.25". Captive bred Yellow Tangs settle into aquariums much better than larger wild caught tangs.

Yellow tangs are peaceful with other fish species that are dissimilar to them. Tangs are naturally territorial with one another, and there can be aggression between yellow tangs and also similar species like black and gem tangs. Use extreme caution when adding tangs together and especially when adding new tangs to tanks that have existing tangs. Many reefers use acrylic acclimation boxes for a short time to allow the resident fish to get used to the new fish without risk of harming the new fish. A single tang in an aquarium is ideal because of aggression, but some advanced aquarists may try keeping multiple tangs together in aquariums at least 6 feet long. Many reefers have added a baby Biota tang to their aquarium with already established tangs.

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