Aquafx CO2 Scrubber Kit- Includes media

Does your aquarium suffer from low pH? Using carbon dioxide adsorption media helps raise pH on aquariums that are in closed buildings that lack fresh air. CO2 levels in your home can be one of the main contributors to low pH inside your aquarium. Low pH will dramatically slow down any growth and nutrient uptake from the corals. Keeping your pH levels at 8.3 is the best way to promote natural coral growth. The Fix is as easy as installing a new CO2 removal system onto your setup. Simply install this kit on your protein skimmers air intake. Depending on the CO2 load in the room, this kit can have dramatic effects. Make sure to keep an eye on your Calcium and Magnesium levels, as increased consumption of the calcium and magnesium can be expected when raising pH.

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Features Media changes from White to Pink when exhausted. 1 Lb of media - Treats 40-75 gallons Aluminum Bracket Heavy Duty Items Included 1x Clear Canister 1x Empty Refillable High Flow Filter Cartridge 2x Elbows for the Tubing and Clear Canister 6x Feet of 3/8" Clear Tubing to connect your skimmer to the CO2 Scrubber 1x Soda Lime CO2 Scrubbing Media (Included in sealed bag) 1x Filter Wrench for ease of use

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