AquaMaxx JZR-2 Zeolite Reactor

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AquaMaxx Zeolite Reactor

Agitate your Zeolite media with a simple twist!

Innovative twist to agitate design-- simply twist reactor handle to shake and flush media
Easy lid removal with thumbscrews and keyholes
Up-flow design for maximum contact time between water and media
High-quality, durable polished acrylic construction
Easy to operate, set up, and disassemble for cleaning
Italian made SICCE pump included

Traditionally, zeolite media needs to be flushed regularly by vertically pulling or pumping your reactor handle. This motion can get exhausting at times, so AquaMaxx has developed a new and unique way to flush your zeolite media with the JZR series-- simply twist the handle and watch your media be completely shaken and flushed effortlessly! This convenient, smooth & easy motion will release colonizing bacteria that can then feed your aquarium's coral, while also preventing the zeolite media from clumping.

AquaMaxx Zeolite Reactors are made from precision-cut, polished cell-cast acrylic and are easy to set up and maintain. Simply place the reactor inside your stand or sump, add in the Zeo media, plug in the included pump, and the Zeo process will be underway. No complicated plumbing, and no messy maintenance! The workhorse powering the JZR Reactor is the pump-- a highly reliable, Italian-imported Sicce Syncra pump. These pumps were specially chosen for their small footprint, energy-efficient design and whisper-quiet operation. The pump works with the reactor's up-flow design to keep Zeo media suspended and evenly dispersed in order to provide maximum contact time with your aquarium water for better filtration.


  • Footprint: 7.09" x 7.09"
  • Chamber Diameter: 5.91"
  • Height: 23.03"
  • Maximum Capacity: 3L
  • Pump(included): SICCE SYNCRA 1.5
  • Pump power consumption: 23 Watts

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