Aquonics Coral Krate

A new simple and easy-to-use coral plug for all your soft corals. Protect your newly fragged soft corals with the Coral Krate! The Coral Krate is specifically designed to provide lots of room for your soft corals. In addition, a soft transparent lid is provided to fully protect your growing frags from disturbances from tank inhabitants.

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Description The Coral Krate is a glue-less coral plug system aimed at simplifying coral fragging and propagation while increasing coral frag yields. The Coral Krate is particularly suitable for soft corals where mounting them can be difficult and troublesome. The novel design allows corals to naturally attach to any provided substrate. This reduces stress and damage to the corals. Coral Krate’s specially designed stem easily fits in egg crate racks and acrylic frag racks. The transparent Coral Krate allows full light penetration and lets you keep your eyes on the corals. Eliminate hitchhiking pests Smooth surfaces eliminate cracks and crevices where pests can hide or get trapped Saves time No gluing is required to attach the coral fragments Good water flow while protecting the corals Strategically placed slits and openings provide good water flow for the corals while also protecting them Natural substrate attachment Eliminate unsightly looking plugs and use natural substrates such as rock rubbles to provide a natural coral attachment point and maintain a more pleasing natural look Transparent material The coral krate is made from reef-safe transparent material that allows light from all direction to pass through and reach the corals

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