Lamarck's Angelfish - Genicanthus lamarck


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Lamarck's Angelfish, known scientifically as Genicanthus lamarck, is a striking marine species admired for its unique beauty and graceful swimming. Featuring a blend of silver, black, and blue hues, males display a bold pattern, while females exhibit a more subdued coloration. This species thrives in well-maintained aquariums, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility. Ideal for intermediate aquarists, they require a spacious tank with plenty of hiding spots. Their peaceful nature makes them a compatible choice for community tanks, creating a serene underwater landscape for enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Care Level: Intermediate

Diet: Omnivore - Prefers a varied diet of mysis shrimp, spirulina, marine algae, and high-quality angelfish preparations.

Max Size: Up to 11 inches (28 cm)

Temperament: Peaceful, but may be semi-aggressive towards other angelfish.

Family: Pomacanthidae

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