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Nyos MAGNESIUM+ is a high purity magnesium chloride. With MAGNESIUM+ you can increase the magnesium content in your saltwater aquarium quickly and simply.


Pre-mixed solution (recommend):

Mix 1000g (2.2lb) of MAGNESIUM+ to 2000ml (0.53gal) of RODI water. This solution contains 60,000mg/l Mg (ppm Mg).

17ml (2.16 fl oz) of this solution will increase the magnesium value in a 100L (100 gal) aquarium by approximately 10mg/l (10 ppm). This is a reference value; the actual dosage amount may vary.

Dosing MAGNESIUM+ powder directly:

Dose in the sump or pre-mix with aquarium water. 84g (1.1oz) MAGNESIUM+ will increase the magnesium value in a 1000L (100gal) aquarium by 10mg/l (10ppm).

Measure the magnesium value of your aquarium at least 1x weekly.

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